Can CH & OTCH Knightcastle Spyders from Moun RN JH WC CGN / Am RN

Céleste was the first born puppy from my Nova. She was so beautiful, I watched her grow and the little yellow collar girl was the one I was hoping to keep and on the day we did the evaluation of the David Bowie litter, she came out first. Second was her brother Baxter! She was exactly the type of dog I was looking for with this first litter : the quiet temper and skills of her mother Nova, and the exuberant side of her father, Bowie. She was my 'action girl' and probably my most complete dog ever.

When she was a young puppy, she stood there by herself watching the Moon in the sky, trying to figure out what it was. She remained curious like this all her life!

In 2006, on the day after her first birthday, she obtained her Canadian Championship ( CH ) by being 'Best of Breed' against 3 adults and already champions. I always handled her, twice making the final cut in the 'Sporting Group'. She was my second home-bred Canadian Champion, right after her brother Baxter.

She obtained her CD and CDX with three concecutive trials and got her WC and JH very easily. Céleste was also a good tracking dog.

On September 12 2008, Céleste gave birth to eight puppies from her breeding with the beautiful Exel. This was the start of Knightcastle's second generation. Performance people, breeders, hunters and those who simply wanted a new friend came to me for that litter. It was the 'King Arthur' litter. I kept Holly from that litter.

On May 16 2010, Céleste, who was 3 weeks pregnant, completed her UD title ( OTCh ) in Peterborough under the same judge than her mother, Cheryl Bishop. She was my third UD dog but the first dog that I trained alone up to this level. She had two OTChX legs but I decided to retire her from competition because of leg injury.

On June 24 2010, Céleste gave birth to nine puppies from her breeding with superstar Roman. This was the 'Movie Stars' litter, her second one. Out of this litter came my sweet Grand Champion Forrest.

For her third and last litter, she was bred to Todd in winter 2012 and had eight puppies on March 26 2012. This was the first North-American breeding of two dogs from the famous 'Serilde' bloodlines in Italy. It was the 'Great Scientists' litter, perhaps my best litter ever.

So far her kids and grand-kids earned more than 100 titles and awards, including 6 Champion dogs and one Grand Champion, Forrest. One of them, Raven, is a member of the FCRSA Hall of Fame.

She was a stylish female with a very beautiful head. Have to tell you a secret: she is my lifetime favorite one!

Couldn't wish for a better dog to start Knightcastle, she was simply perfect! Céleste was my first dog born in my hands and to pass away in them, on the day of her mother's birthday; June 21 2016. She was not a leader in the house but she was always reminding me she was there, either by poking me in the back, or simpy sitting by my side hoping I'll pet her, or by barking at me so we can do something together, or simply lying on her back her paws crossed in front of her face!

I miss you Céleste. Miss you so much ...


Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances, the pedigree and also the accomplishments of the dogs involved. Knightcastle is not breeding for one specific goal or purpose and has a litter on the ground mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

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