CH Knightcastle Seven Of Nine

Blanche is the result of the second line-breeding in Knightcastle's history. In fact, the 'Star Trek' litter was a repeat breeding involving Forrest and Holly. After 9 weeks home, I could not resist to keep the little 'red collar girl' and kept her.

She had been busy her first summer with all the crew, mainly learning to swim and dive but also developing her skills as a hunting dog. Now she dives in water like crazy like her father, Forrest.

She is very active and has a lot of energy. Since de departure of grand-mother Céleste and uncle Baxter, she took her place in the pack, mostly educating her little cousin Cosette!

She earned her Canadian Championship on October 18 2017. On the way for her title, she defeated her own father (Forrest), who was en route for his Grand Champion title at the time, and also the number 3 flat-coated retriever in Canada at that moment, taking 'Best of Breed' over them, receiving nice comments from the judges.

She is all grown up now and Blanche passed successfully all her health clearances, including gonioscopy, and is part of Knightcastle's breeding program.

She was bred to Cosmo on mid-February 2018. She's Knightcastle's key to start the fourth generation, which she did on April 19 2018 with the 'Peter Pan' litter.

Future looks good for Knightcatle with Miss Blanche, my new little B!


Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances, the pedigree and also the accomplishments of the dogs involved. Knightcastle is not breeding for one specific goal or purpose and has a litter on the ground mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

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