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I made my choice selecting the orange boy in the 'Great movie stars' litter. This is a decision that changed all my future plans but I had the feeling that this little boy was very special and could not resist to keep him. He is the result of nearly ten years of hard work.

Forrest is a very happy boy, very birdy too. At 9 weeks old, he was already playing in water with my other dogs. Now, the more I look at him, the more I see his mother in him, which makes me very happy because I've always wanted another Céleste.

On May 8 2011 in Mont Joli (Québec), Forrest made a Group 4 placement and also a Best Puppy In Show! It was the first time for one of my dogs to win such an award. Forrest completed his Championship at 11 months old on June 4 2011 by doing another Group 4th placement ! Also in June 2011, at the US Specialty in Maryland, Forrest took third place in the sweepstake and second place in the regular show (in the 9-12 months puppy class).

Forrest earned his first hunt title ( WC ) on September 4 2011 in Maxville.

On November 18 2011 at 17 months old, he took BOW and BOB from the 'Bred By class' in Syracuse (NY) defeating 13 flatcoats, including two specials with professional handlers, for a 4 points major en route for his American championship!

At the Ottawa show on May 25 2012, Forrest took a Group 4th placement and a Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show. For a breeder/owner/handler, that was quite a special moment! On June 9 2012 in Oromocto (New-Brunswick), Forrest took a nice 'Second in group' placement, putting him in the Top 10 flat-coated retrievers in Canada at the time.

Forrest was training hard to get his Junior Hunter title ( JH ) in 2012 and after a slow start in the fields, he got his title on August 4th in Brooklyn (Nova Scotia) with four consecutive qualifications.

In July 2012 Forrest received all his health clearances from OFA and is now available as stud for approved females. I see in Forrest probably the best dog to come out of Knightcastle.

In February 2013, Forrest went to the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York City. His father, Roman, took Best of Breed.

Fofo is also a daddy and grand-daddy. He sired the 'Robin Hood' litter in October 2013 here at Knightcastle. He was also used to another one at Unique Dutch kennel. He is also the father of my Blanche (from the 'Star Trek' litter of January 2016) and now Blanche is a mother, delivering 8 puppies on April 20 2018 for the 'Peter Pan' litter, to start our fourth generation.

He earned his CGN title in North-Gower ON on March 30 2014 and his first obedience title ( CD ) on April 6 2014 in three consecutive trials. Funny thing about this is that he got his first leg in 2012, his second in 2013 and his third in 2014!

Since April 2014, Forrest is the sixth Knightcastle ambassador. Wag your tail little boy, with all your multiple group placements and wins, you are a special boy to me!

In fall 2017, I decided to show Forrest a bit more and what a good decision it was! In a few shows only, he completed his Grand Champion title on November 3 2017 taking 'Best of Breed' all the time.


Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances, the pedigree and also the accomplishments of the dogs involved. Knightcastle is not breeding for one specific goal or purpose and has a litter on the ground mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

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