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My veteran Holly is well balanced, loves to play, to work and is also a great hunting dog. She is 'low profile' but everything she does, she does it well and when it's time to put her paw in the middle of something, she does it very well too. A very good 'pack leader'! She is a soft dog, from 2010 to 2011, Holly and her mother Céleste were certified 'therapy dogs' with Therapy Paws of Canada.

In May 2009, in her first show, she earned 'Winners Bitch' and 'Best puppy in Breed' for a major. She continued like this until October 2009 when she became Canadian Champion ( CH ), defeating her uncle Baxter who was going for his 'Grand Champion' title, earning only majors every time she was in the show ring.

In 2009, at the age of only 9 months she easily earned her Working Certificate ( WC ) and then, in the fields with her two brothers Balin and Jester, they all earned their Junior Hunter ( JH ) title, the three of them becoming the youngest dogs from my kennel to achieve that!

In December 2009 she went under an urgent surgery due to a rope toy that was blocking her digestive system and she recovered perfectly.

She earned her first 'rally-o' Novice title ( RN ) in March 2010 and in April 2010, she completed easily her Companion Dog ( CD ) title.

In February 2013 she gave birth to eleven puppies, for her first litter: the 'Legends' litter. Everything went smooth and all puppies were in good health. She is simply the best mother of all my girls, hopefully it will happen again in fall 2015 for her last breeding! We can find some awseoe dogs coming out of this litter; the first operational certified Search and Rescue dog (Thy) and also the first Bermuda Champion and Best in Show winner (Indigo).

A couple months later, Holly was bred accidently by Forrest and the result of that was twelve healty puppies born on October 8 2013 for the 'Robin Hood' litter.

At the end of 2015 I was looking for a male for Holly's last breeding and I took a serious look at what I already had and said to myself 'why not'? So based on the results of the Robin Hood' litter, I decided to breed again Holly with Forrest. On January 8 2016, eight puppies were born for the 'Star Trek' litter. I decided to keep the litter 'red collar girl' who became my little Blanche.

A funny thing about Holly is that she's always taking a boot or a shoe in her mouth when it's time to go outside. Oh well, sometimes it's not that funny!!!

With three litters, carrying a total of 34 puppies, 'supermom' Holly is no longer part of Knightcastle's breeding program, but what she did was simply amazing! She's a grand-mother now, her daughter Blanche delivering 8 puppies on April 20 2018 for the 'Peter Pan' litter. So far, Holly produced 5 Champion dogs, including one Grand Champion, Luka.

Love you my beautiful Hollywood!


Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances, the pedigree and also the accomplishments of the dogs involved. Knightcastle is not breeding for one specific goal or purpose and has a litter on the ground mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

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