Exel & Céleste

This was the start of Knightcastle's second generation. For her first breeding, Céleste has been bred with a wonderful dog from Netherlands but living in Iowa (USA), Exel (Dutch/American CH Swallowsflight Excalibur's Enigma TDI CGC). This was simply the best dog for her. On September 12 2008, 8 puppies (four boys and four girls) were born, all in good health.

All the dogs are well balanced and like to play and work. They also have the scandinavian head I was looking for. Céleste did a great job as a mother and took great care of her kids. In November 2008, all the dogs left home for their new lives, except for Holly (Can Ch Knightcastle Jump Holly Grail CD RN JH WC CGN). She was the yellow collar girl and the one I kept. She is fully part of Knightcastle's breeding program and started the third generation.

In summer 2009 I had the thrill of a lifetime going to hunt tests after hunt tests with Holly, Baxter, Balin and Jester. You should have seen the surprised faces when the judges were announcing that Knightcastle flat-coated retrievers were qualifying!

Two superstars came from this litter and both are Knightcastle's ambassadors:

First one is Raven (UKC CH URO1 U-AGI SHR MACH CH Knightcastle Camelot Nevermore CD RN JH MX MXJ NAP NJP NF WC VFCR1 CGC CL2-S CL2-H CL2-R CL2-F HOF). She lives in Michigan with long time flatcoat owner Jill Griffet. Jill is doing agility with her flatcoats at a very high level. Jill is also doing field work and obedience with Raven. She is the Knightcastle dog with the most titles, in agility, obedience, field and show, making me a very proud breeder! Raven was introduced to the Hall of Fame in 2016. Thank you Jill!

Second one is Jester (Can Ch & MOTCh Knightcastle Dagonet Does Jest JH WCX / Am CDX). He was Jack McKissock's dog. Jack has been involved in the obedience ring and field events for decades. Jester wore the red collar in that litter. In summer 2009, Jester completed his Junior Hunter title ( JH ) and Working Certificate ( WC ), becoming the third puppy from that litter to achieve that. In summer 2010 he got his Working Certificate Intermediate ( WCI ) and also his Working Certificate Excellent ( WCX ). In summer 2011, he completed his Master Obedience Trial Championship ( MOTCh ). He also has his american CDX. As for the show ring, he completed his Canadian Championship in October 2010 with a three points major and is the second dog from this litter to achieve that. He passed away in February 2017.


Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances, the pedigree and also the accomplishments of the dogs involved. Knightcastle is not breeding for one specific goal or purpose and has a litter on the ground mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

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