Can CH & OTCH Happyshack Macha JH WC CGN / Am CD

Nova was truly a wonderful dog and certainly the most important one in my life. She is Knightcastle's foundation girl. She also changed my life forever by allowing me to become a serious breeder.

She completed her Canadian Championship ( CH ) at 16 months, with 3 majors. With only a few weeks of training, she obtained her first obedience title, Companion Dog ( CD ) in Carp Ontario. In 2005, just one week after she turned 2, she obtained her CDX under the burning sun of Châteauguay. In 2006, Nova earned her American CD in 3 consecutive trials and in July the same year, she completed her Junior Hunter ( JH ).

On November 16 2005, Nova gave birth to 8 wonderful puppies. Bowie (Dutch/Am/Can CH Serilde Velenocelestiale) is the Sire. From the 'David Bowie' litter, I kept two dogs, Céleste, and Baxter, who completed their Canadian Championships as puppies also obtaining obedience and field titles very quickly. On June 30 2007, Baxter became, at 19 months old, an American Champion with 4 majors in 6 shows.

On July 9 2007, another adventure began! Nova became a mother for the second time, with the 'Great European Castles' litter. She was bred with the Best of Winners of the 2007 US specialty, Thor (Am/Can/Dutch CH Flat Castle's Olympic Torch) and 8 puppies resulted, all healthy. Out of this litter, Tora is a Canadian Champion and Modi is American Champion and Master Hunter. At the 2015 National Master, Modi was the only flat-coated retriever to qualify. He is now in the Flat-coated Hall of Fame. The same year, she and her son Baxter earned their Working Certificate title ( WC ) and later she easily earned her UD title ( OTCh ) on her sixth trial only, quite an achievement!

On September 4 2008 she gave birth to eight puppies from her breeding with Pen (American CH Shannara's Penderrin). From the 'Milky Way' litter, only one survived, Lucky. After a big break and in perfect health condition, I bred her in spring 2010 and on June 26 2010, from her breeding with Roman, Nova gave birth to five puppies. This was the 'Cartoon Characters' litter. Without any stress, she fulfilled her role of matriarch and at some point, she took care of all the fourteen puppies I had on the ground at the same time, helping her daughter Céleste who had 9 puppies on the ground.

All good things happen for a reason and Nova is the best one that happened in my life. She kept surprising me about everything. She was watching me when I was sleeping and wagging her tail, starring at me as soon as I was waking up, always the first one to bark in the house, always making sure that all the bowls were empty, always be the first on to the apple tree in a trail I was walking with my dogs, doing the utility signals by herself just to have a piece of food when I was cooking, always the first one to go in a new whelping box to see if it was OK, looking at me from the floor, on her back and have her legs crossed in front of her face, sometimes licking one paw.

Nova traveled across North America, taking the plane three times. So many good memories with her: she completed her CH the same day Darwin became OTCH, she became my second UD dog in only 6 trials, it was so special to enter her in a hunt test or in the utility obedience ring with either Céleste or Darwin at the time, just for the fun of it. The last time Nova was in a show ring, she took her class in the 9-12 veteran sweepstakes at the FCRSC specialty in 2013.

So far, her kids and grand kids have cumulated more than 140 titles, including 4 Champion dogs. One of them, Modi, is a member of the FCRSA Hall of Fame. They are spread across the continent, all having fun. The gene pool she left is humongous and her legacy is a fantastic one. I also met great friends thanks to her.

If you're reading this page now, it's all because of her. After 3963 days together, Nova passed away in my arms at 11 from cancer on August 19, 2014. Nova was my heart and soul over the 11 years we spent together. I am very proud of her, she really has the best place in my heart. I'll love her forever!


Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances, the pedigree and also the accomplishments of the dogs involved. Knightcastle is not breeding for one specific goal or purpose and has a litter on the ground mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

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