Important dogs in Knightcastle's history


HR UH Knightcastle Sir Isaac Newton SH WCX CGC

With her last litter back in 2012, Céleste did good, she did really good! Parker is our fourth ambassador born from her.

I don't think that owner Carlee Ogeka was expecting her life to change that way when she first contacted me, but it did! With Parker, BB (from Fieldday Kennel) and now superstar baby Cash (Knightcastle The Man In Black), she is doing wonders with her three flatcoats and Parker fully deserves to be a Knightcastle Ambassador.

Parker is a great hunting dog and all credit goes to Carlee who trains him in a 'soft way', with fantastic results!

Congratulations for both of you!

Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances, the pedigree and also the accomplishments of the dogs involved. Knightcastle is not breeding for one specific goal or purpose and has a litter on the ground mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

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