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Knightcastle Permanent Registered Kennel
Breeding black Flat-Coated Retrievers since 2005

Since 2005, Knightcastle Permanent Registered Kennel (Canada) is committed to breed high quality black flat-coated retrievers for obedience, hunting, show, agility and of course for family and companion dogs. We also have 'therapy' and 'search and rescue' dogs, making the flat-coated retriever the perfect multi-purpose dog. With three generations, you can find our dogs all across Canada, USA and Bermuda. Knightcastle is not giving any breeding rights.

About Knightcastle

My current dogs are my veteran Holly, my boy Forrest and my youngsters Blanche and Cosette! Hopper and Lilly are also part of my breeding program but don't live with me. They are very active dogs and are in excellent health. I am not pushing them with over-training and retire them at a young age from competition. My dogs are part of my life and are living in the house with me, no kennel. I train and handle my dogs myself for the obedience, for the show ring and also for field events. All my dogs made their Championships in the 'Bred by exhibitor' class, handling them myself. I am also a CKC carrying judge for hunt tests and working certificates for retrievers.

About the Flat-coated retriever

The Flat-Coated Retriever was developed in England in the mid-1800's. It's a very popular hunting dog in Europe, but almost unknown here in North America. It has maintained its reputation as dual-purpose retriever over the years. The flat-coated retriever is the perfect dog to have outside or in the house, playing with you or with children. It is a devoted family companion, a versatile working dog, outgoing and it won't let you down.

Commitment to the breed

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances (OFA), the pedigree and also the accomplishments of both the Sire and the Dam. Knightcastle is breeding high quality flat-coated retrievers for temperament, type and soundness, dogs with good working abilities and outgoing personalities. The flat-coated retriever is considered a 'multi-purpose' dog in Europe and Knightcastle is always keeping that in mind, not breeding for one specific goal or purpose. Knightcastle has a litter on the ground only from time to time, mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands.

In the news
Updated on June 13 2017

  • We have a new American Junior Hunter: 6 months old Cash (SHR Knightcastle The Man In Black JH). Congratulations to owner Carlee Ogeka, you're simply AWESOME!

  • Little Cash (SHR Knightcastle The Man in Black), 6 months old, earned his SHR title in June. Congratulations to owner Carlee Ogeka.

  • Congratulations to Lark (FCC Ch Knightcastle Nottingham Outlaw ADC SGDC DD TT) and owner Vanessa who earned his Temperament Test title.

  • A new Champion: Luka (Ch Knightcastle Jean Luc Picard), from the 'Star Trek' litter of 2016. Congratulations to owners Diana and Bruce in British Columbia!

  • Saddly, I have to announce that my old Baxter passed away on February 20. He was 11. He was my best buddy and a fantastic dog to be with. I lost a monument in my life, missing him like crazy. Rest in peace my friend.

  • Congratulations to Looney (Knightcastle Looney Tunes NAP NJP CGC) and owner Geralyn who earned two agility titles: Novice Agility Preferred (NAP) and Novice JWW Preferred (NJP) in Bermuda.